Our Lone Worker Safety devices from Blackline Safety offer piece of mind knowing that your remote workers are continually monitored whilst working alone. Suitable for every industry, location, job or scenario. Choose from either a standard remote worker device or the new G7 wireless gas detector with lone worker functionality.

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Ensure your employee's is continuously monitored when they are working in remote or hazardous conditions

Blackline Safety Remote Worker Loner Safety Concern Aegis Sales and Service

Worker Down

The remote worker trips, falls, is unresponsive or find them selves in an emergency situation.

Blackline Safety Loner Safety Alarm or Alert triggered Aegis Sales and Service

Alert Triggered

by no-motion detection, fall detection, gas level readings or missed check-in or emergency (duress) latch

Blackline Safety Loner Safety GPS monitoring for remote worker man down Aegis Sales and Service

Alert Transmission

an alarm/alert is sent via wireless or satelite transmission

Blackline Safety Loner Safety Alert Received Help Dispatched Aegis Sales and Service

Alert Received

a safety alert is received by our 24/7 call centre and upon confirmation of a safety situation help will be dispatched

Our Blackline Safety devices have:

No Motion Detection, True Fall Detection, Missed Check-in and Emergency Latch, Cellular or Satellite Communication

The NEW G7c and G7x Lone Worker devices can be customised to allow for wireless gas detection as well offering full situation awareness if a gas leak or employee accident occurs. Cellular and satellite connectivity options ensures that everyone remains in contact. Live two-way voice communication and text messaging.  

Connected Safety for Lone Workers

Our Lone Worker Devices

Check out our Lone Worker Device Range, including Lone Worker, Gas Detection & Phone App

Blackline Safety Loner Safety G7 Wireless Gas Detector 24/7 Monitoring - Aegis Sales & Service


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