Lone Worker

A lone worker is someone who works by themselves without close or direct supervision. It is anyne who works alone, including contractors, self-employed people and employees, are considered a lone worker.


Gas Detection

A traditional gas detector is a device that will detect toxic or hazardous gases within an area. The G7 range from Blackline Safety include lone worker and gas detection all in the one device.


Connected Safety

Connected safety is term used to describe a safety solution for lone worker monitoring ensuring that your lone workers are monitored in real-time enable quick response time should an event occur.




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G7c Gas Detection with Lone Worker Monitor

G7c Wireless Gas Detector and Lone Worker Monitor3G communication, GPS location technology, automatic incident detection and a built-in speakerphone empowers the fastest possible response. G7 Cartridges tailor G7c functionality. Intrinsically safe.

  • Connected Safety
  • Push to Talk (PTT) Capability
  • Fall & No Motion Detection 
  • 3G Wireless
  • Two-way Speaker Phone or Text Messaging
  • Customisable Gas Detection
  • 24/7 Monitoring

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G7x Gas Detection with Lone Worker Monitor

G7x Wireless Multi Sensor Gas Detector and Lone Worker Monitor900mh wireless, location technology, automatic incident detection empowers the fastest possible response. G7 Cartridges tailor G7x functionality. Intrinsically safe. Available with or without gas detection.

  • Combined Lone Worker and Gas Detector
  • Connected Safety
  • Fall & No Motion Detection
  • Customisable Gas Detection
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • GPS Location Technology
  • Text Messaging Capable
  • 3G and Satellite capable with G7 Bridge

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G7 Bridge for G7X Satellite Communication

Blackline Safety G7 Bridge for Satellite Communication for G7xThe G7 Bridge from Blackline Safety teamed with the G7x creates a wireless personal safety and lone worker monitoring device that connects workers to live monitoring using 3G cellular or the Iridium satellite networks.

  • Connected Safety
  • GPS capable
  • 3G Wireless & Satellite Communication
  • 24/7 Monitoring

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G7 Calibration & Bump Test Dock

Blackline Safety's G7 Calibration DockThe G7 Calibration Dock from Blackline Safety is the simple solution to calibrating, bump testing and charging your Blackline G7 gas detector devices.

  • Connected Safety
  • Multi Gas Calibration Dock 
  • Single Gas Calibration
  • Bump Test Station

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G7 Field Replaceable Cartridges

Sensor Cartridges for the G7 gas detectors by Blackline SafetyBlackline Safety's field replaceable modular sensor cartridges for the G7 Lone Worker devices. In single or guad gases options.

  • G7c and G7x compatible
  • Field replaceable 
  • Single & Quad Gas combinations
  • Multi-gas Pump Cartridge
  • A variety of gases detected

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Connected Safety with 24/7 Live Monitoring

Lone Worker 24/7 Live MonitoringConnected Safety with live continuous monitoring providing emergency alerts in rea-time.

  • G7c and G7x Compatible
  • Blackline Live Monitoring Portal 
  • Evacuation Management
  • Voice Calling and Management

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The G7 from Blackline Safety is the only solution in the world to deliver work-anywhere wireless, multi-gas detection, two-way voice communication, text messaging, evacuation management and complete customisation for every business.

As they say "This isn’t our first safety rodeo." Blackline Safety have bought together a team with a wealth of industry knowledge and experiene, their in-house design, engineering and production capabilities are like no other.

The field replaceable cartridges mean you can turn a standard lone worker device into a gas detector in seconds. This versatiltiy means you no longer need to send your device away for calibration the sensor cartridge can be changed out with a pre-calibrated cardridge in the field.