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G7 EXO connected area monitor



Blackline Safety has extended it’s G7 portfolio range of lone worker and gas detection portfolio with the new G7 EXO the perfect solution that empowers teams to monitor their environments for hazards and respond instantly should something happen. The G7 EXO incorporates state-of-the-art technology to address the shortcomings of traditional solutions. 


The G7 EXO is the world’s first cloud-connected area monitor with integrated 2G/3G/4G communications. When G7 EXO is turned on, it will automatically connect directly to the Blackline Safety Cloud, streaming critical insights of your site or facility. Turn-key connectivity, intelligence and versatility are hallmarks of every G7 solution. With the G7 EXO, you gain control over your projects and make the ultimate difference for your business, no matter the scenario playing out before you.


Next-gen area monitoring

Blackline Safety has made area monitoring simpler and with more consideration of your needs. G7 EXO leverages industry leading cellular and satellite connectivity to empower comprehensive, robust area monitoring, without any of the hassle associated with other systems. No need for clumsy RFID tags or manual networks to connect personnel to an area monitor - G7 EXO does this automatically and intelligently.

With auto-generated, intelligent zones, the G7 EXO works alongside employees equipped with G7 wearable monitors for maximum visibility into the safety and productivity status of a facility. Both systems continuously stream location and gas reading data to the Blackline Safety Cloud, providing a full situational overview of a business’ workforce and facility.


Cloud-connected insights

G7 EXO solves the challenges of continuous toxic and combustible gas monitoring for sites, facilities and fence lines. Automating long-term area monitoring and connected safety for unmatched efficiency, the G7 EXO allows teams to focus on their work at hand.

Leveraging integrated cellular and satellite connectivity, the G7 EXO can be placed anywhere and will automatically communicate environmental data to the Blackline Live safety platform - making manual data collection a thing of the past.

The integrated connectivity capability is comprehensive, never limited by the number of devices in an area or on a mesh network. All you have to do is turn it on.


Designed for your environmentBlackline Safety G7 EXO area monitor cloud connected

Designed in response to these shortcomings and with customer feedback in mind, the G7 EXO features industry-leading run times and functionality, supported by the Blackline Safety Cloud for simple deployment and worry-free operation, thus making short battery life, configuration limitations and connectivity of conventional area monitors obsolete.

With an aluminum body and exclusive, full-color interface, G7 EXO is designed to withstand the harshest conditions while still being easy to use. A loud alarm and series of lights communicate events with personnel in its vicinity, while simultaneously communicating the alert through the Blackline Safety Cloud to other EXO and person-worn G7 devices throughout your facility.

Device downtime is eliminated due to the versatiltiy of the G7 plug-and-play gas sensor cartridges, if a sensor should fail in the field or reach the end of its serviceable life, simply remove the old cartridge and replace it with a new one.


Key features

  • Drop and go area monitoring — Out-of-the-box cellular or satellite connectivity that works anywhere in the world for zero set-up deployment
  • Zones can auto-generate as soon as G7 EXO is turned on, but the radius can be configured manually via EXO’s screen or in Blackline Live
  • Automatic, intelligent zones — EXO will automatically notify G7 users of an alert in their zoned area with no limitation on user count and no requirement for cumbersome RFID tags
  • Longest-lasting battery life in the industry — up to 100 day run time
  • Easy to extend functionality with two highly-customizable output ports to drive external alarms and sounders or integrate with your different facility/plant control systems
  • Ruggedized aluminum sub-frame to stand up to the harshest conditions





Drop-and-go deployment

The G7 EXO offers no more questions with it's simple placement and hassle-free execution. On startup, or manually from the main menu, EXO communicates the status if its cellular or satellite connectivity, GPS/beacon signal and placement status.

Offering a large, full-color screen, G7 EXO clearly displays all the information users need to know on its full-color screen. If the set-up isn’t quite right, EXO will let you know to run the set-up wizard.

Auto-generated zones empower out-of-the-box, seamless communication and monitoring of personnel in a specified area. EXO-generated zones automatically work with nearby personnel, notifying them of potential hazards. No need to tag in and out or join multiple teams.


Connected workplace

G7 EXO features two output ports that can be configured to send signals to other equipment on your site. Should gas levels reach a high threshold you can activate external sirens, open or close gates in the event

of an emergency, or flash lights and sound a siren to alert personnel within a zone.

During an emergency, the G7 EXO also leverages relays to communicate to other areas of your site, empowering real-time awareness and visibility of an incident. EXO connects your teammates through the use of zone alarms, automatically alerting other devices in its zone.

If you need to make changes on the fly? No problem, change or update EXO’s configuration over the air in seconds. The Blackline Safety G7 EXO delivers never-before-seen area monitoring control in a rugged, easy to use and deploy system.






Ready to use deployment kits

Remote Area Kit for the Blackline Safety G7 EXO area monitor

Remote Area Kit

  • G7 EXO
  • Gas cylinder
  • Solar panel
  • Tripod
First Responder Kit for the Blackline Safety G7 EXO area monitor

First Responder Kit

  • G7 EXO
  • Carrt case
  • Up to four G7 devices
  • Up to four spare cartridges
  • Standard mount
  • EXO quick charge
Turnaround Kit for the Blackline Safety G7 EXO area monitor

Turnaround Kit

  • G7 EXO
  • Carry case
  • Up to four G7 devices
  • Up to four spare cartridges
  • Standard mount
  • Scaffold mount
  • EXO quick charge
Confined Space Kit for the Blackline Safety G7 EXO area monitor

Confined Space Kit

  • G7 EXO
  • Carry case
  • 30.5m of tubing
  • Standard mount
  • Portable siren
  • EXO quick charge