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Blackline Safety have added industrial contact tracing capability to its intrinsically safe cloud-connected wearable devices


Blackline Safety launched its new Close Contact Report supporting users of the G7 safety wearable devices during work hours by mapping the close interactions between employees.

The Loner Mobile smartphone app has been updated to include tracing coverage for after hours and off the worksite to provide coverage for businesses and their personnel.  

Blackline coincided the launch of their new contact tracing tool with the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. “The COVID-19 outbreak only amplifies the need for connected safety technology at work, as organisations deemed essential have been forced to respond quickly with additional methods to ensure their workers remain safe. Our new contact tracing tools will help businesses proactively monitor their social distancing performance and, should an employee contract COVID-19 or present with symptoms, this report will help them identify points of close employee contact inside their organisation.”  (Sean Stinson. VP Sales and Product Management for Blackline Safety)

Providing a Close Contact Report

The two new tools are available at no extra cost to the end user, they are:

  • Blackline Live History View
  • Blackline Analytics Close Contact Report

A combination of Blackline’s connected safety wearables, smartphone app, location technology, cloud-hosted software and data analytics reporting helps protect more than 60,000 people worldwide throughout industries: utilities, oil & gas, manufacturing, security, healthcare, government, construction & engineering, natural resources, pharmaceutical & biotech, and transportation.


Employee Privacy

Blackline Safety's new Close Contact report and other contact tracing tools comply with the strictest privacy regulations including the EU’s GDPR, allowing businesses to respect the privacy of their employee's while keeping them safe.

The Close Contact report is not available to a third parties unless explicitly given access. Information is only available to the companies authorised administrators of the Blackline Safety Cloud platform.


Download PDF

Click on the links below to download more information about Blackline Safety's wearable Lone Worker devices with Close Contact Reporting for your employees safety in the workplace.


DOWNLOAD Contact Tracing Guide


DOWNLOAD the Guide to Enhancing Safety During a Global Pandemic