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Blackline Safety's push-to-talk (PPT) feature allows the G7c loner safety device to function like a two-way radio. This option allows the user to immediately call their team mates on the same channel or switch channels for easy communication.

PTT - push-to-talk by Blackline Safety for the G7c

The Blackline Safety award-winning G7 devices continue to revolutionise with their combined gas detector and lone worker monitoring devices. Blackline Safety recently announced push-to-talk service for the G7c that allows it to function like a two-way radio. Users have the option to call teammates on the same channel or switch channels or easy communication with other teams.

Unlike conventional hand held radios, the G7c push-to-talk (PTT) feature requires no radio licensing and has no range limit. PTT will provide your organisation with radio functionality without the need to invest in a separate fleet of radios. The G7c is the world's first gas detector and lone worker device featuring push-to-talk communications. There is no need for employees to wear and charge multiple devices.




Connected Safety at it's best as the PPT has network coverage in over 100 countries with the G7c's cellular connectivity. With 100 channel options, the PTT gives your team the ability to instantly connect from anywhere in the world. Acting just like a two-way radio, users can select a channel and communicate with other devices on that same channel.

The PPT also features an all-call channel for emergency broadcasts to every device on the network. The all-call channel allows message transmission to all devices making it ideal for safety supervisors or managers. PPT offers the ability to connect with 250 people on a single channel. Push-to-talk also makes it easier for employees safety in different regions to coordinate their work while ensuring everyone's safety.

Maximise your employee productivity and loner safety with the G7c push-to-talk functionality

Intrinsically safe radio's have become a thing of the past with Blackline Safety's new PTT feature. Lone worker safety is more affordable with the G7c's functionality - gas monitor, lone worker and two-way radio. It is easy to send or receive messages with a click of the button.

Push-to-talk is the ideal solution for coordinating teams across different sites, regions, and locations. Channels can be configured so you are in control of connecting and managing the communication of your teams. With built-in cellular communications the PTT integrates seamlessly with the G7c's wireless gas detector for monitoring personnel.

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